Human Tusk
Graduation project.

Little White Things
Album cover designs

KFC Apology
Mother London 

Nokia 8110
Mother london

Tim van der Mee

Little White Things
I design the album covers for this band. 
They are a Indie Rock band.

Work I made with Eytan Smith

KFC ran out of chicken. We had an idea for an apology ad.

It was printed full page in Metro and The Sun, but think Philip Schofield's Tweet was our favourite response.


1  D&AD Yellow Pencil
2  D&AD Wood Pencils

3  Cannes Lions Gold
1  Cannes Lions Silver

Clio Gold
Golden Andy

Radio 1 The Breakfast Show
Work I made with Eytan Smith

We made a 360 campaign to get more youngsters to listen to Radio 1's Breakfast Show. Felt very lucky to work with the talented editor
Matthijs Vlot and illustrator Sara Andreasson.


Live Stories



London Needs You Alive
Work I made with Eytan Smith

We worked under the fantastic Michael Jones & Charlotte Adorjan to pitch for Mayor of London's anti-knife crime campaign and won!

Unfortunately we left AMV BBDO before finishing the work, but we think it looks great.